Our cake flavors combine top quality ingredients and techniques to create both classic and modern flavor blends. Each combination was carefully selected to please a sophisticated palette, while also mirroring the creative vision of your event. Cake City Lahore cakes are always made to order, from scratch, using only the finest and freshest ingredients available. Our cake flavors & fillings can be mixed and matched or created just for you. Cake City Lahore provide free cake home delivery in Lahore. Appropriately named for its deep red color, red velvet cake is the perfect variety to represent love and romance on your wedding day in Lahore. Its flavor is not quite chocolaty yet not quite vanilla either. It is rich and smooth and is frequently paired with cream cheese frosting.

With so many different levels of richness and options for flavor mixtures at Cake City Lahore, chocolate birthday cakes remain to be one of the most popular wedding cake flavors in Lahore. What typically is a childhood favorite can be raised to a classy level when mixed with flavor accents such as mint, orange and strawberry. Indulge in richness with chocolate fudge, or lighten the flavor by choosing a German chocolate cake. You can’t go wrong with plain vanilla, and many couples are choosing to go with tradition with a vanilla wedding anniversary cake. This is one of the most basic cakes and can be kept simple with vanilla frosting, or it can be dressed up any way you like with basically any frosting, filling or fruit. It’s an excellent base for more colorful and fun flavors, so if you’re thinking about trying something out that may not necessarily be a crowd pleaser, using a vanilla cake as a base is a good compromise.

Having a cake or sweet business you will wonder what flavor to sell and what will sell best. Honestly, you will find out quite quickly what are your best sellers in your business by what people will buy. Selling cakes isn’t rocket science, what people order or spend the money on the most, well that is the most popular. Below are our best seller flavors in Lahore to serve you better.


Black Forest


Belgian Chocolate Fudge


Nutella Chocolate Cake


Death by Chocolate


Fruity Delight


Coffee Cake


Belgian Chocolate Chip


Red Velvet


Caramel Crunch


Vanilla Crunch


Vanilla Sponge


These images are only for reference and final cake may not look exactly like it when you cut your cake as it depend on the shape of the cake and filling.