Mehndi Cake Idea in Lahore

A lot of couples are choosing to cut a special, multi-tiered wedding cake like Dholki cake for bridal and Shairwani cake for Groom these days. It’s definitely a costly item, but of course, it’s because of the massive size, weight and intricate details that has to feed a very large number of wedding guests. So if you’re someone who doesn’t want to spend a bomb on your wedding cake, but still want something special and unique that guests get to enjoy, see these Mehendi Cake Designs.

Mehndi cake design in Lahore

Mehndi cake design in Lahore

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It’s a Mehendi-themed cake design that’s perfect for your Mehendi function. Since it’s a smaller number of guests, you can get away with a smaller size cake. So you get a special mehndi, unique cake that’s also within your budget! When we hear the word “Mehndi” instantly the image of Dholki come to our mind. A mehndi function is incomplete without Mehndi, flowers pretty dresses and a bride has to opt a bridal cake from cake city that is decorated with fondant eatable pictures of groom or dholki cake. Our team gathered some pretty cool inspirations for the floral hairstyles for mehndi night that brides need to try out as these hairstyles are super trending.

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Have a look at our pleasant, exclusive and customized designs of mehndi cakes that is presented to your event. We have a large array of creatively and attractively designed fondant and non-fondant cakes with several delicious flavours that can add more fascination in your special events. You can easily pick a theme and browse through these albums to reach an appropriate cake for your liking.

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Cake city Lahore the online delivery occasion cakes have many varieties about wedding cakes, birthday cakes, baby shower cakes, husband wishes cake and every occasion cake, you can order your own customized cake and we’ll be here to double up your happiness at your door step and make memories about your event. Cake city the online cake shop in Lahore have best birthday cakes that are so much funny, by customized cake with writing on funny quotes about your occasion.

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A beautiful tradition in Pakistan and other Muslim cultures is the Mehndi Ceremony. This ceremony is one of the many rituals to take place before the wedding ceremony. Mehndi or henna as it is known in Western culture, is the powder from the mehndi plants that is mixed with water to create a paste-like substance. During the ceremony, the bride has her palms, wrists, arms, legs and feet adorned in the mehndi art. This is considered to add beauty to the bride on her wedding day and her bridal look is incomplete without it. Mehndi is also used to symbolize the strength in the union of the bride and groom. The belief is that the deeper the color of the mehndi, the happier their union will be. So if you want to memorize your event just visit our website or order at 0345 3995332 and we will be on your doorstep to enhance your happiness.