High Quality Ingredients 

The ingredients we used at Cake City are to make cakes differ. Our goal is always to create great cake recipes through a delicate balance of its ingredients so they have the strength to hold the recipe together, but still create a loving and tasty cake. Different mixing methods also result in different cakes like timing, temperature, baking, cooling and storage. Afterwards, cakes can be filled, frozen and decorated.

The sugar and fat in the recipe, as well as any acids, tenderize the cake, if there is too much sugar and fat, the cake’s structure is weakened so much it cannot support its own weight and will collapse. We high quality ingredients and high quality fondant that will remember you our taste again and again. We have a large collection of creatively and delightfully designed fondant and non-fondant cakes in Lahore with several delicious flavors that can add more fascination in your special events.

At Cake City Lahore, from raw materials to delivering products, we have standards for each flow that could potentially affect the product quality. Whatever does not conform to these standards does not continue to the next step and so we make sure that only safe products are delivered to customers. By preventing unsuitable quality, we promote customer satisfaction. “If it’s Cake City’s products, they are bound to be safe!” For customers to feel this way, we maintain strict controls.

In order to achieve this, we always keep in mind the risks that exist and feel it’s always important to improve and renew present controls, such as problems with the management, as corrective or preventative efforts. Finally, it rests on everyone working at Cake City to feel “We want our customers to always enjoy safe and tasty products so they can be satisfied.”

In the food industry, quality assurance (QA) systems are applied to ensure food safety and food quality to prevent liability claims and to build and maintain trust of consumers. Differences between groups of bakeries were found in the level of the quality management activities, control of strategy, allocation of supplying raw materials, supply control, planning of production and control of execution of production tasks.